Thank You for Paving the way Brian

I remember walking in to my first meeting late my freshman year with a high interest in writing about sports. I found the clubs room in what felt like the addict of the RCC. I was soon finding comfort in my new group of friends but particularly with my man Brian. Although quiet is an early impression, once you get to know him he wont stop talking. His knowledge for all sports is some of the best I know. Weather its last night’s score of the Celtics game or who the Patriots are looking at in the draft months down the road, Brian could always give you a insightful and a true fans answer. His dedication to the paper was always model as he truly put the paper above himself. Giving countless hours in the office to improve his work or others was something I noticed in the first few weeks of knowing him. I remember thinking to myself, “That’s a model work ethic right there”. This year we truly became closer as my personal goals grew to wanting to be the next sports editor. Meeting for a quick dinner then learning the steps of our new system in word press showed how much he cared about “The Comment” even though he was just weeks away from never writing for us again. He cared about who was next in line and that says all you must know about him. My fondest memory came during our trip to Boston for the NENPC. We first off had to order an Uber because we miscalculated how many people were with us and then we got to learn from one of our idols. We later got tot pick the brain of Bob Ryan a famous sportswriter who used to be with the Boston Globe. We learned so much together from how we voice our opinions and how we stay connected with our sources and gain even more info from them. We both learned a lot together and I’m excited that we got to do that together. I am so blessed to have had Brian as a mentor when I started here. I can’t wait to see how this path takes him in his career after school and I am excited to stay in touch. Thanks, so much Brian and good luck in the future!

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