Bears Who Care (About the Food Pantry)

As students attending college, we rise to many challenges that can feel overwhelming. Our daily struggles may include balancing work and family obligations, adapting to online classes, maintaining a good GPA or competing for internship positions.

We show up and work hard to achieve a degree we believe will guarantee a bright future and financial security. Unfortunately, many students are fighting for this same opportunity with an extra hurdle to jump- hunger.

There are students who, while in a pursuit of an education for a more sustainable life, are faced with food insecurity. To help alleviate this issue, The food pantry at Bridgewater State University provides a variety of non-perishable goods and even frozen meals from Sodexo that are packaged and stored in a freezer.

The food bank that was formerly located on the ground floor of the RSU building is now located on the first floor of RSU in room 105.



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