Upcoming Student-Directed-Plays at BSU

Exciting news! Two student-directed plays will be performed here at Bridgewater State University from February 23 through 27 as part of the BSU Department of Theatre’s annual Student Repertory Theatre program. The two plays are Dominique Morisseau’s, “Blood at the Root” and MJ Kaufman’s, “Sensitive Guys”.

We were excited to hear from BSU student, Britney Mallebranche (she/her), the director for BSU’s production of “Blood at the Root”, who explained the impact she wants this play to have on the BSU community and what the play means to her.

“I chose [Blood at the Root] because as an artist of color myself, having shows that are written by people who look like me is truly important, and I truly feel like the message that the show brings is essential to our current atmosphere not only in the Bridgewater community but around the world today,” said Mallebranche. “What is most important to know about the show is that no one is truly a villain. They’re all young teenagers just trying to figure out the world around them.”

Mallebranche commented on the importance of having plays run entirely by students. 

“Student-run productions here at BSU give us all the chance to learn how to be creatively independent while working with others before we enter the professional theater world,” she said. “We often study about production roles and how do Lead a cast in our classes but having the chance to put those lessons to action is what gives us our wings.”

According to Mallebranche, production is going great!

“I am so grateful for everyone in my company! My cast is amazing, and my production team is so invested and patient,” she said. “We all have a common goal: to make this show as successful as possible and leave a lasting impact on our audiences. I am also so grateful to have Kyle Imbeau and the Sensitive Guys company working with us this SRT season. Kyle is truly incredible, and I value all the lessons we have learned together and our weekly gab sessions to keep each other afloat! Make sure to check out both shows!”

Kyle Imbeau (they/them), the director for BSU’s production of “Sensitive Guys”, also talked with us and shared their thoughts on the play.

Kyle discussed the importance of this play and what they wish the play’s impact to be on the community.

“It might seem like wishful thinking, but I really hope the audiences at BSU are affected enough by this that we see some tangible change,” said Imbeau. “I do theatre because I know it to be a medium that educates and affects change. This is a play that had a really profound impact on me as someone who has lived a lot of the things it’s talking about, and I think my goal with this has always been to share that story with an audience that needs to hear what it’s saying. I think that audience is BSU.”

Kyle also expanded upon what went into choosing this particular play.

“I’m a firm believer in the questions of ‘why this play now’ and ‘why this play here,” they said. “Sensitive Guys feels so pertinent to college students right now because it addresses the flaws in systems designed to protect us, and puts a frighteningly common – and often silenced – experience at the center of its narrative. 

“It’s a biting satire and super funny, but at the center is a deadly serious and very real thing that’s going on all over the country on college campuses. Among all the national news about survivors being silenced and advocacy systems failing people, I felt like this was a play that NEEDED to happen in an environment like this.”

Check out more about what each play is about here: arts.bridgew.edu and buy tickets here: bsutix.com


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