Low Cost Gift Guide

The holiday season! An exciting time of year filled with festive foods and time with your family and friends. But this time of year is also accompanied by a lot of stress, the majority of this stress revolving around money. The expectations of gift giving weighs on all of us this time of year. Fortunately, […]

4 Motivational Tips For Finals

As we near the end of this infamous semester with finals rapidly approaching, I’m sure many of us are struggling to make it to the end. With everything going online, it’s arguably harder to manage due dates, assignments and the incredible amount of stress that typically comes with finals season. I’m coming to you today, […]

Benefits of Blackboard

By Amanda Guindon Staff Writer Communication between students and professors can be incredibly beneficial for all parties involved. Having the ability to ask questions or communicate directly with the professor or even collaborate with other students in the class in a virtual setting allows for a more connected experience both in the classroom and outside […]

The Vape Ban: One Month In

Not a day has gone by without hearing about the “vape ban”, which has been a hot topic for people of all ages and beliefs, each viewpoint more extreme than the next. If you are unfamiliar, Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker, announced a four month ban on all vape related products back in late September. This […]