The Impact of Elections on Legislators

 To put it simply, a politician’s job is to enact policies that help their constituents. The process of electing the best candidate should be easy: just tell the voters which policies you believe in and how you will make them a reality. Unfortunately, voters do not tend to vote based on policy, or even reality, […]

Government Shutdown Avoided in Light of Recent Upset

Washington D.C. has witnessed unrest since the reconvening of Congress. The potential of a government shutdown and vote to remove Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) loom, as does the Impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden (D). House Democrats are working to avoid a shutdown, driven by their belief that House Republicans are causing […]

Fair Share Amendment Funds Education

Last November, Massachusetts’ voters decided yes on Question 1, which established an additional 4% tax on income over one million dollars. The estimated two billion dollars raised by what has come to be known as the “Fair Share Amendment,” would be earmarked for education and transportation use. Voters awaited the approval of the state budget […]

UFC 293 Recap

On September 10th, the UFC visited Sydney, Australia for the sixth time in the promotion’s history. As the company often does when they hold an event outside of the states, this card was stacked with Australian talent. The preliminary card led off with two lightweight fights. The Moroccan Nasrat Haqparast won by decision despite taking […]