A Coronavirus Update

The Coronavirus has officially touched down in many states spreading across the United States, including Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  BSU is taking the necessary precautions to protect students and employees in the rise of this outbreak. Earlier this week, President Clark’s office sent out an email to the BSU community to inform us of what […]

Biden is revived on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is one of the most important days in the journey to nominate a presidential candidate.  With President Trump being the incumbent Republican who is sure to get the nominee of his party, all eyes were on which Democrat would win big on Super Tuesday.   Without knowing the full results of California or Maine, […]

Bernie Wins New Hampshire

Senator Bernie Sanders won the first primary election of 2020 in New Hampshire this past week.  After the Iowa debacle, many stated that the New Hampshire primary was the “kick-off” to election season. Unlike the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire was able to get votes out within hours after the polls closed.  President Trump won the […]

The Iowa Caucus Scandal

The 2020 election season has started with quite an embarrassing controversy for the Democratic Party that had many asking this question after the Iowa caucuses: what is happening and are these necessary anymore? The Iowa Caucuses have been known as the kickoff to the election season for centuries. Its purpose is to let voters know […]

Uber’s Scary New Safety Reports

Uber recently released its safety reports for last year. The reports documented a shocking 3,045 sexual assault cases, nine murders, and 58 people were killed in car crashes within the year of 2018. The number of incidents actually only account for 0.0002 percent of the 1.3 billion rides Uber performed in the United States last […]

What’s Happening with Instagram Likes?

It’s finally happening. After months of stipulation, Instagram is doing a trial run of removing the number of likes that a post gets. Instagram announced earlier in the year that they were going to be testing a new update that would hide the number of likes on any post, influencer or not. They started the […]

Massachusetts is Trying to Ban What?

A Massachusetts lawmaker is trying to ban the b-word.  Representative Dan Hunt proposed the law in hopes of adding it to the already in place law that assigns fines and other penalties for offenses such as, crimes for common nightwalkers, indecent exposure, and obstruction of the peace, according to boston.com.  The proposal states: “A person […]