Natural Smoothie Shop

Natural is a new, fresh smoothie shop located in Crimson Dining Hall that opened on Aug 9, 2021. It offers an array of fresh ingredients to make your day a little sweeter. Natural is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. “The most popular time to go to Natural Smoothie is from 11 a.m. […]

Park Avenue Diner Review

In one of Bridgewater State University’s dining halls, Bears Den, a new restaurant has opened! Park Avenue Diner, or Park Ave. for those in the know, is Bears newest acquisition. Sporting a plethora of diner food, the restaurant is always seen with a line that spans all the way to the edge of the dining […]

What If Covid-19 Never Happened?

Picture This: It is March 14, 2020 and things go a bit differently than we expected in our March 2020 timeline. Let’s say that Covid-19 never had a presence in America and was isolated just to China. How would life on campus look? What would be different regarding campus life and the greater Bridgewater State […]

Homecoming & Family Day 2019

Homecoming fell on a perfect October Saturday where the weather was cool, the sun was shining, and students, families, alumni, and faculty got to mingle with one another. A chance for students to introduce friends of their new home to their family members. A lot of people showed up to University Park to explore what […]

5 Tips for Midterms

Midterms are a time of increased stress and anxiety as the students of all–nighters are worried if they will pass and the people that studied before that time are worrying if some of the questions on the study guide will be on the test. This makes students wonder what kinds of tips and tricks they can use to […]