NBA Trade Deadline Review

Another year, another NBA trade deadline. While it was a more quiet trade deadline than most were expecting there was still a good amount of moves that were made. Here’s the review of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline. The Oklahoma City Thunder are having a great year and seem to be pushing for a playoff […]

Black Excellence

Welcome to Black History Month! The time of the year where everyone pretends to care about the struggles of Black people just to move on the second March 1 hits (until Juneteenth, that is). Now, I could talk about white people trying to turn the fade into the “Travis Kelce,” (he/him) or Nicki Minaj (she/her) […]

NBA In-Season Tournament Update

The In-Season Tournament has fully descended upon us and has added some life into an otherwise standard beginning of the NBA season. The group stage has officially concluded leaving an exciting set of teams for the knockout stages. But what can the NBA learn from this first set of games and what are everyone’s thoughts? […]

Latinidad At Hispanic Culture Night

Approaching the final days of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Lewis Gaines Center for Inclusion and Equity held a Hispanic culture night, celebrating the month and different communities within the Latine community. The event featured other groups such as Men Integrated in Brotherhood, Mi Gente, the ICAA and Sisters Scholars Inc..  The word of the night […]

France’s Bed Bug crisis at risk of international spread

France is facing a bed bug epidemic ahead of next year’s Olympics, that is now at risk of spreading across the world. The country has always held issues regarding bed bugs. One-tenth of the country’s homes are reported with infestation  from 2017 to 2022 according to a report from France’s health authority; however, this recent […]

The Sho’s on the Road

Another October, another year without seeing Shohei Ohtani play in the postseason. The last time we saw the Los Angeles Angels play playoff baseball was in 2014; four years before Ohtani even signed. But now that the Angels have been eliminated from contention and with Ohtani’s contract expiring, we will most likely see him playing […]