Trump Announces 2024 Run

Former President Donald Trump (he/him) announced his bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on November 15. The announcement came as little surprise to the public and politicos; Trump has been hinting at it for months. However, the reception from many GOP members was lukewarm after a disappointing midterm election that did not deliver the […]

Supreme Court Opens for Controversy

The United States Supreme Court began a new term at the beginning of October with several controversial cases on the docket and its first Black woman to serve on the bench, Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (she/her). Following a landmark term that overturned the abortion rights guaranteed for decades by the Roe v. Wade decision, […]

Protests in Iran Show No Sign of Slowing

Protests in Iran are still going strong weeks after the outrage sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini (also known by her Kurdish name Zhina Amini). On September 13, Amini was arrested outside of a subway in Iran’s capital city of Tehran. Amini was taken into custody by Iran’s Islamic Republic Security Force, known […]

U.S. Officials Visit Ukraine as War Stalemate

The Ukraine Russia war has entered its third month of conflict, and Putin is reported to have abandoned diplomatic efforts at peace talks in favor of seizing as much territory as possible. Currently, Russian forces are attempting to establish a land bridge through Crimea, a region south of Ukraine, to establish dominance in an area […]

Data Leak Correlates With Rise in Hate Group Activity

A recent data leak by the Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoS), a journalist non-profit devoted to enabling the free transmission of data in the public interest, has disclosed the presence of extremism among public servants in the United States. The leak revealed the involvement of law enforcement agents, public officials, military personal, and influential private […]

Dead Kennedys

There is a band that calls themselves the Dead Kennedys. Are you offended yet? They hope so! The Dead Kennedys (let’s write that as many times as I can) are a punk rock group from around the time your grandparents had your parents, 1978 or so. The Dead Kennedys are one of the first California […]

Alone in the Plenty

Alone in the Plenty By Joe Thorpe In the summer, you can easily spot a homeless person by what they wear or carry. Why on earth is that man wearing two hoodies and long pants in August? He wears them because he has no storage. No safe place to put them, no safety at all. […]