The Visibility of One’s “Ghost”

As COVID-19 continues to produce near empty streets across the country, or at least for safety’s sake one would hope so, one B.S.U. alum has kept pages filled with her poetry. These pages have come together to form the book Ghost of a Girl, now available for all to read. Amber Miller, who graduated from […]

Dua Lipa is an Essential Worker

I don’t think there will ever come a time where we become nostalgic for this period we’re currently living in. But should we get to that point, Dua Lipa made that concept just a smidge more fathomable.  While many artists have already postponed their albums weeks and even months ahead of their original release date, […]

Juice Mill Gets Juiced Up

Changes are continuing within the Bridgewater rotary, though the latest is not too drastic. Juice Mill has crossed the street, making for a far more exciting tenant than the previous College Towne Siding and Glass that the building formerly housed. The inside, while still charming as ever, is essentially a mirror image of its set […]

A Tough Break for Cats

Cats, sweeties, we are so sorry for all that you had to endure over this winter. On December 20th, 2019, Universal Pictures released the box office bomb Cats based off of the musical of the same name. Hate all you want, but this crime was nothing compared to what was released two days earlier on […]

Try ‘Summer’ This Winter

Throughout last semester the closures of staples such as My Sister and I’s and Flippin Burgers suggested a sort of downtown downturn within the Bridgewater rotary. Thankfully, the latter has been given new life in the form of Summer Street Cafe. Boasting a long list of coffee flavors that rival nearby Marylou’s as well as […]