Juice Mill Gets Juiced Up

Image via Nick Jordan

Changes are continuing within the Bridgewater rotary, though the latest is not too drastic. Juice Mill has crossed the street, making for a far more exciting tenant than the previous College Towne Siding and Glass that the building formerly housed. The inside, while still charming as ever, is essentially a mirror image of its set up when it was across the street. One difference is that, unlike their old location, there are no barrels to sit on, so I guess I’ll have to put my Donkey Kong fantasies to rest. The real excitement, though, comes from its new menu offerings that include paninis and grain bowls.

Despite it being 9:30am when I got there, I couldn’t resist the urge to try one of these new paninis. I went with the G.O.A.T. which had avocado, sliced tomatoes, garlic aioli and, of course, goat cheese. That’s right, we were having garlic breath the rest of the day. The panini tasted incredibly fresh, and the various flavors went great together.

Because this is the JUICE Mill, you know I had to get some juice. Getting around four hours of sleep before this, I was hoping that this would make me feel more put together than I did prior. And to be honest? I did! For a brief moment, obviously. Feeling healthy goes beyond drinking pressed juice, but it’s a start. I washed down my G.O.A.T. panini with the Rise & Shine, which has spinach, carrot, orange, apple and lemon. By no means am I a health nut, so this isn’t normally something I would drink. All in all, though, it has a very manageable flavor. At the very least, it is much better going into my mouth than it is coming out of Kylie Jenner’s.

On this juice journey I was joined by my fellow editors including Editor in Chief, Carly Mehl, and Sports Editor, Brian Garland. The latter got the Classic smoothie which included strawberry, banana, yogurt and honey. “It’s a cool place, I love the atmosphere of it.” As for the smoothie? It was a slam dunk, a touchdown, a home run, a… a… alright I’m gonna go return to my lane enough of the sports talk. Meanwhile, Mehl got the Atlantic acai bowl, the Mill grain bowl, and a white chocolate nitro cold brew with a turtle-killing PLASTIC STRAW when there were paper straws available (peep the Cosmo and Wanda color scheme going on with my meal). You can’t hide, Carly! And neither can those turtles!

Image via Nick Jordan

But on a lighter note, this new location is surely worth walking a few more feet for. They’ve kept it juicy juicy, and we’ll continue to eat that lunch. Plus, they’re now accepting flex dollars. So flex on ’em, fellow Bears!

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