Boston Mayoral Primary Elections Results

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The time for voting has come for the City of Boston, and voters have lined up the polls for their voice to be heard to determine which mayoral candidates will advance to the mayoral general elections this upcoming November. Acting mayor Kim Janey replaced former Boston mayor Marty Walsh when Walsh was selected to be the Secretary of Labor. The candidates vying for the opportunity to become mayor of Boston are Kim Janey, Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell, Annissa Essaibi George, Richard Spagnulo, John Barros, Jon Santiago, and Robert Cappucci.

Each candidate tried and pleaded with the general public to try and bring in votes their way, but what were some of the pressing issues of this election? One of the primary concerns revolved around housing. The housing issue within the City of Boston mainly pertains to unaffordable housing with the prices rising because of COVID-19. And with the eviction protection ending, lots of people are still without work and unable to pay rent for their homes within the city.

Another concern that was brought up was the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As the delta variant starts to increase the total case count into the 2,000-3,000 range statewide, Boston, more specifically the healthcare workers within Boston, are experiencing exhausting and dehydrating working conditions because of all the COVID patients that need to be saved to ensure no one dies. Because of this, doctors and nurses have begun striking, with the goal of trying to achieve better working conditions to keep themselves and others safe.

The role and safety rating of police officers has also been called into question in the past year and a half, mainly as a part of the Black Lives Matter movement. This has been a big talking point since the new mayor will have to oversee a reform within the city’s police department. Essaibi has publicly voiced her backing of the police force, whereas other candidates haven’t been so generous, in the public eye, at least.

Eventually, on September 14th, 2021, the day to vote came, and over 107,000 voters took to the polls to voice their support for their favorite candidates. Michelle Wu had the highst amount of votes at 33.4%, or 35,888 votes then came Annissa Essaibi George with 22.5%, or 24,186 votes, Andrea Campbell with 19.7%, or 21, 221 votes, Kim Janey (inc.) with 19.5%, or 20,946 votes, John Barros with 3.2%, or 3,436 votes, Robert Cappucci with 1.1%, or 1,175 votes, Jon Santiago with 0.3%, or 364 votes, and finally Richard Spagnulo with 0.3%, or 282 votes.

With that, acting mayor Kim Janey is OUT as mayor of Boston, and a new mayor will be elected into City Hall this coming November, and it will be between Michelle Wu, and Annissa Essaibi George. Though those 2 women may have won the primary election, there is still a long way to go before the finish line is crossed. But for now, they can have their moment to celebrate. As for Janey, her tenure as interim mayor will end in January, when the new mayor is inducted and sworn into office.

**UPDATE**: Since the loss, acting Mayor Kim Janey has publically endorsed candidate Michelle Wu. The general elections are set for Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021.


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