Only Murders: A Deadly Review

You ever meet somebody, and god, they are insufferable from the start? But then you talk, and hey, you have something in common! It might be a love for sports, maybe a mind for chess, or, you know, murder?!

Only Murders in the Building, a brand-new Hulu original series created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, is a thrilling murder mystery comedy starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin as Mabel, Oliver, and Charles. These three residents of an Upper West Side apartment in New York share one thing in common: they love a good podcast about murder. When a resident of their building gets killed, the trio decides to start their podcast and solve the case while it’s still under investigation. 

The suspects? Their neighbors.

But the real mystery comes from our cast of eclectic crime enthusiasts and the secrets that they keep.

Before I jump into spoilers, I must recommend for those who have yet to see the show YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH THIS SHOW!!!! Humor, heart, hummus, this is a series that is a must-see! Not only do some of the scenes tug on your heartstrings, but the shenanigans with the protagonists are hilarious. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger better than the last one! Every week I’m anxiously waiting for the next episode, wondering all the while what happens next.

Now, into the Spoiler Zone! If you haven’t gotten caught up to episode seven, watch it now, and then come on back!

With only three episodes remaining, the mystery keeps getting better! With episode seven airing on the twenty-eighth, this non-verbal episode has tensions that have been building, and hoo boy, it’s exciting! The reveal of Teddy (portrayed by Nathan Lane) as a jewelry smuggling-grave robbing crime lord had me bouncing up and down on my couch and smacking the cushions like a crazy person. Theo (portrayed by James Caverly) has a relationship with his father that’s different than what’s shown. The father-son duo covered up a death together, which tends to put a strain on a relationship. 

And poor Tim Kono (portrayed by Julian Cihi)! He was a good guy all along and only trying to protect Mabel. With the final piece to the puzzle of who killed Zoe (portrayed by Olivia Reis) in place, I can already tell that the last three episodes will be nothing short of heart-stopping! Plus, I’m almost 100% sure that Teddy killed Tim, but there are three more episodes to prove me wrong…

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