P.Diddy is Launching the Black Political Party

Sean Combs, a.k.a, P. Diddy, the media and Hip-Hop mogul, is launching a new political party which he has called ‘Our Black Party.’ The party’s mission is to unify black people politically by centering a Black agenda while building and seizing political power. 

“The mission is to create a platform to help advance a political agenda that addresses the needs of Black people. So, going forward we aren’t in the same position we are in today,” according to an article from ABC News.

“We have to seize our own political power” according to P. Diddy in an interview with Lenard “Charlamagne Tha God” McKelvey. The biggest difference between this party and other political parties is that people are born Black, not Republican or Democratic. This idea comes from Comb’s Vote or Die movement in 2004 which was a political service group that aimed to get young people and minorities to vote, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Combs believes a race war is imminent if Donald Trump is re-elected as president because of the constant division he has imposed between white and Black people. He was also quoted saying, “Black Americans should vote for former Vice President Joe Biden and then hold him accountable,” according to an article from Essence. 

The Black Political Party lists 9 core values: rights to their own politics, a fair and just criminal justice system, economic equity and equality in the US, health equity, education equity, a guarantee to every unalienable right in the constitution, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, advocate for different things and love each other. In the interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Combs said that whoever becomes President will be pressured by the Black Political Party to promote the Black agenda. 

To learn more about Our Black Party’s message, methods, and agenda, go to ourblackparty.org.

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