Why America Needs A Female President

There was an excessive amount of masculine energy going on during the Presidential Debate on September 30, 2020. It was evident by President Donald Trump constantly interrupting former Vice President, Joe Biden. In addition, both men were talking over each other, name calling, and mocking each other. This just made me think what if a female was in the place of men or even both men. Would it be different? In my opinion, it would because women are more prone to be more supportive with good listening skills in general. According to an article from Rendezvous, the reason why is because of the variety of qualities that strong women harbor: independence, self awareness, honesty, passion, emotional intelligence, and self discipline. During the Presidential Debate, Trump was not being honest with Biden, the moderator, or even the audience in regards to how he’ll handle the substitution of Obama Care. He never admitted that he doesn’t have a concrete plan. This can also be a lack of self awareness as he is not aware of himself being incoherent with the people who are listening to him. 


Next, Trump brought up Biden’s sons’ drug struggles and that implies a lack of emotional intelligence, passion, and self discipline because there’s an underlying rule to stay on topic and not talk about personal things during any debate. In addition, he lacked passion in families being flawed as everyone is because we’re all human and he lacked self discipline iterating Biden’s son’s troubles’ in combination with interrupting Biden constantly.On the other hand, Biden name called Trump by calling him a ‘clown’ which was warranted because of the disrespect he was getting from him, however, he had to be the bigger man. Fortunately, he only name called him once. Although, Biden did talk over Trump numerous times which shows a lack of self discipline and self awareness and he would utter the famous phrase of the debate: “Will you Shut Up, man?”

It was a matter of personality taking over the debate rather than policy as opposed to the vice presidential debate between California senator, Kamala Harris, and Vice President, Mike Pence, which obviously includes a woman. Now, you could say that they just didn’t want to repeat their mistakes of imposing their personalities in the debate and not talking about policy, however, Pence’s ego got in the way when he wanted to retract to a topic about undermining public confidence on the coronavirus vaccine when Harris said she wouldn’t take it if Trump said there is one.Again, Pence would retract to a previous topic about voting records and he would break the guidelines of the response time being 15 seconds by telling the moderator, “I gotta have more time than that.” Next, there was a time when Pence interrupted Harris during a discussion on whether Biden will cut taxes or not as opposed to minimal interrupting during the 2020 Democratic Debate.

Next, my biggest takeaway from the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas, Amy Klobuchar was criticized for making a mistake in forgetting Mexico’s President’s name as it is Andrès Manuel López Obrador in which, Warren would to support Klobuchar to which in my paraphrasing, everybody makes mistakes, everybody forgets, we are all imperfect.This criticism towards Klobuchar from Pete Buttigieg implies to me that women are held to a higher standard where they cannot make mistakes, almost like they are imperfect humans. Fortunately, Klobuchar would be transparent in her mistake, reinforcing the idea of honesty that strong women harbor.

During the third 2016 Presidential debate, Trump would denounce Clinton by calling her a liar on multiple occasions like when she brings up a quote he made when claiming that Japan should be able to defend itself with nuclear weapons and he would refute that by calling her that. This contradicts that women, in general, exhibit honesty. Ironically, Trump was the liar on that occasion because he actually did say that in a televised interview on Fox News according to an article from Independent. 

Was Trump trying to denounce Clinton because she is a female? In comparison with his debate with Biden, the denouncing wasn’t as excessive in my opinion. This could imply that Trump’s goal was to reinforce the idea of a female president being incompetent. This reason is synonymous in what Buttigieg could have been trying to do to Klobuchar as he was denouncing her because she made a mistake which means in order for a female president to come into fruition, she will have to exhibit a strong character with exceptional leadership qualities. It can happen because honesty, self awareness, emotional intelligence, and passion is what I want in a president.

Personally, a female president can do wonders for the future of America. It can show the younger generations or present ones that a female can rise to the highest political position in the nation which will only inspire them to do that and more. This can create a domino effect where more females will come into the political space and hold more positions then we can ultimately see a presidential debate between two women.  




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