Mounting Frustrations With the MBTA

As frustrations mount with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and it’s management of the T, the Federal Transit Administration clarifies there will be no federal takeover of the MBTA.

Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey held a senate field meeting in Boston on Friday, October 14th. Having the state’s federal representatives convene like this is a rare occurrence, and one that provides context for the dire state the state’s public transport system has reached.

The T has had ongoing safety and reliability issues for quite some time, and having them go seemingly unaddressed for multiple years has put the agency’s chief executive, Steve Poftak, in hot water with Warren, who has emphasized that the undeniably dangerous state that the T is in is the responsibility of his leadership.

On July 30th 2021 two green line trains collided, and since then there have been consistently more injuries, and even deaths resulting from the poor state of the train system.

Elizabeth Warren considers herself a “huge supporter” of the MBTA, and wants federal funding to be allocated to the agency, which has been understaffed for some time. However, officials want a clear plan for where that money would go and how it would be used, as the MBTA has been criticized for a lack of transparency. With a focus on avoiding future potential losses, the FTA plans on providing oversight to the work done to correct the numerous safety issues.

With many relying on the T to make their commute to work, the rebuilding efforts have lead to frustration, as many people cannot afford to not have access to the subway. With the orange line shutdown being the predecessor to sections of different lines being closed, customers are losing their patience. 

With outside assistance hopefully playing a pivotal role in the railways restructuring, Massachusetts residents will have to wait and see if improvements can be made in a timely manner.

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