Top 5 places to sit at BSU

I’m sure you all are burning with curiosity to find the answer to the question of a lifetime. As a sitting connoisseur and chair enthusiast myself, I can promise you that I am, in fact, the one to answer this question. I know what you’re thinking, how can one have the answer to share to the masses of BSU students who question where the best sitting places are? To that, I give you my list of the top 5.

  1. Number five on our list is Maxwell Library. As far as seating goes Maxwell library is a great all rounder and the best entry point for beginners in the sitting community. The ground floor is in no way difficult to find and delivers on comfortable vibes. This family members den style seating area also contains a Starbucks and the Academic Achievement center. While useful, the noise generated by these conveniences do detract some points. 


  1. Next is the various seating arrangements in DMF. The science and mathematics center features exhibits that make it feel like a diet science museum which can entertain you between classes and provide useful information. DMF tends towards the middle of the loudness spectrum, while not having the hustle and bustle of Maxwell, the presence of classrooms still up the decibels. The inconsistent quality of the actual seats creates an environment for very specific tastes.


  1. The music lounge in Rondileau is a personal favorite. Depending on the time of day you will either find complete peace and quiet or students practicing their music skills. There are always fliers for upcoming musical events if for some reason you wanted to expand your horizons to things other than sitting down. The music lounge is a great utility for music students and still holds up as seating for students of other majors.


  1. Going back to DMF with a wildcard pick. If you go to the DMF entrance on Park Ave you can climb around a railing, gaining access to a ledge that overlooks a picnic area. For a spot neither comfortable nor practical to get this high of a ranking it needs to score a home run with the vibes, and trust me when I tell you the vibes are immaculate, especially when alone at night.


  1. I thought long and hard about what was truly the “best” place to sit. Considering the important factors in determining a place’s position in the sitting meta. As my mind wandered on about creating the end all be all list I came to the realization that I was ignoring the most important part of any place, memories. Lying on the grass with my best friends on Boyden lawn is worth far more than Starbucks.


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