Hocus Pocus 2 Won’t Put a Spell on You

Every year growing up I was forced by my Yiayia (grandmother in Greek) to watch the classic Disney Movie Hocus Pocus around Halloween time. Now, this is not a tradition I would complain about. I loved the movie, especially the Sanderson Sisters who are icons in the modern era of Disney pop culture.

 Imagine my delight when I heard that a sequel to this classic was premiering on Disney+! With pop corn in hand I took on the dreadful task of watching the film and thought it was good.

OKAY! I know “good” is not a glowing review but I did really enjoy this movie. When compared to the mountain shadow it lives in, it barely glows. Let’s just talk about the film’s actors, plot, and jokes.

Starting with the actresses; Bette Midler (she/her), Kathy Najimy (she/her), and Sarah Jessica Parker (she/her) all returned the sequel to reprise their roles as Winifred Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, and Sarah Sanderson respectively. These actresses are perfect as always, it felt like these women never left their roles and continued the campy legacy that they left in the 1990’s. 

On to the newly introduced main trio, Whitney Peak (she/her), Belissa Escobedo (she/her), and Lilia Buckingham (she/her) playing the roles of Becca, Izzy, and Cassie Traske respectively. These three young actresses also seem to understand the camp of the film and world that they are in. Despite this, they all seem to have their own identity and plan the tropes of a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movies) well.

I think mentioning this as a DCOM is important to understand why I am okay with the plot being a basic female friendship. It’s an important message in this film. With that being said I like the sub-messaging that communication is important in every relationship and the message of the fear of being alone. I love the B-plot of the Traske father/ mayor of the town just wanting to get a candy apple but getting stopped in very weird ways. It is DCOM in its highest form.

Speaking of DCOM, let’s talk about the jokes. This movie made me laugh a few times. I love the seance of the Witches in Walgreens eating the lotions for the youth and the video of the movie also expertly weaves in jokes and references without breaking the tensions of the movie. Also watch this movie for Midler and her expertise in this character and comedy in general.

In conclusion your honor, based on the acting, plots, and comedy of this movie I give Hocus Pocus 2 a resending 7.5 roomba vacuums out of 10.

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