Sports Betting Coming to Massachusetts

Good news for sports fans all around Massachusetts! Sports betting will be debuting in the Bay State soon. For a state that is home to some of the most successful teams in the country, it may seem surprising that sports betting was not legal in Massachusetts until now. With Governor Charlie Baker’s signature, Massachusetts joined 30 other states that have legalized the pastime.

Don’t start planning your parlays, yet, fans! The bill was signed back in August, but sports betting has not yet launched in the state. There are still logistical hurdles and details of the legislation that need to be worked out before bettors can get to work.

While the Massachusetts Gaming Commision (MGC) approved the move months ago, there have been some more concrete updates in the past few weeks. Earlier this month, the MGC met and came up with a timeline as to how and when sports betting will be implemented in Massachusetts. 

The plan for sports betting is set to take place in stages. It is scheduled to go live in-person starting in late January and online by early March. This soft launch will begin in places like casinos, where gambling is already legal. Popular sports betting platforms like DraftKings, BetMGM, and more will be part of the second phase of the plan.

Tens of companies have already expressed interest in obtaining a sports wagering operator license, giving bettors a plethora of options and potentially bringing in millions of dollars in tax revenue. This will not be the first betting experience for many fans in Massachusetts; there is a long history of bettors traveling to neighboring states to legally bet. 

While it won’t be ready by the World Series, sports betting will likely be up and running by the time other championships roll around, including the Super Bowl. 

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