An Editors’ Midnight(s) Review


As much as I love Taylor, “Midnights” was just okay. I am a hardcore Folklore and Evermore fan, so I was hoping for her latest album to have the same feel. Unfortunately, this was not the case. That being said, there are a lot of fans who have the opposite reaction, thinking that her last albums were boring or not their style. These fans are probably more excited that Swift has returned more to her pop sound. 

While it is not my favorite, Midnights still has some good moments. I don’t think it is a bad album, but I definitely won’t be listening through the whole thing again. However, some of the songs have already made their way to my playlists.

One of my favorites was “You’re on your own, kid.” This was very reminiscent of the old Taylor Swift I grew up loving. Overall, it was just fine.


I cannot hype this album up enough. It is the perfect lovechild of Taylor’s Lover and Reputation albums with a sprinkle on 1989. I genuinely don’t think there are any other Swift albums with fewer skips. My top 5 (because I can’t pick top 3) in no particular order are: “Karma,” “Vigilante Shit,” “Midnight Rain,” “Maroon,” and “Lavender Haze.” “Karma” and “Lavender Haze” are absolute bangers to have a dance party to or blast with the windows down in the car. I’ll lump “Vigilante Shit” in with these two, but this song also has such bad bleep energy that gives it an extra kick. “Midnight Rain” and “Maroon” are perfect examples of Taylor Swift’s exquisite and powerful lyricism that is unmatched by arguably any other musician ever. Admittedly, I do sometimes skip  “Labyrinth” and “Snow on the Beach (featuring Lana Del Rey).” 

The Midnights: 3am Edition tracks are not bad, but I’m just not as passionate about those as I am about the rest of the album. However, “The Great War,” “Bigger Than the Whole Sky” and “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” are examples of Taylor’s unparalleled storytelling and expression that pull so hard at every emotion you could think of. This album is 9.5/10.


I am from the 1989 generation of Taylor Swift and am more than willing to sing Karaoke to “Shake It Off” or scream the lyrics to “Wildest Dreams” or “Bad Blood” in the car. With this being said there has been a shift in style from Taylor Swift since those songs were released, with the smashing success of her new album Midnights.

Though after listening to Midnights I quickly came to realize that though it wasn’t my favorite album, “Lavender Haze” definitely hits different. It isn’t normally the style of music I listen to, but the lyrics “meet me at midnights” part of “Lavender Haze”, at the very beginning with the funky beat behind it, as well as how in “Karma” Swift sings about how “karma is a cat” have stuck with me since listening to it right when the album came out at midnight with a friend of mine who is a big Swifties. These two songs definitely found their way into my Spotify “Liked Songs” Playlist that I most often play on repeat.

Overall, I give this album a 6/10, not because it is bad, but because many of the songs in the album are songs that don’t grab my attention or I wouldn’t listen to them on a day to day basis.


Midnights is the moody, sleep-deprived sister album of 1989 that I never knew I needed. Folklore is my all-time favorite from Taylor Swift’s catalog, but it’s refreshing to see her return to her adopted pop roots. “Anti-Hero” is the lead single for good reason; it’s an incredibly catchy examination of insecurity and self-doubt. Swift’s strength has always been her vulnerability. By combining raw and reflective lyrics with catchy hooks and dreamy melodies, it feels like Swift is inviting all of us to cry at the club. It’s not her best album; there are a few songs I know I’m likely to skip— sorry, “Sweet Nothing.” But for every awkward lyric there’s an absolutely brilliant or hilarious line to make up for it (“I’m only cryptic and Machiavellian because I care” from “Mastermind” is a personal favorite). Swift is in her early 30s, around the time when the music industry starts to treat its female stars as disposable, but her ability to combine a fresh sound with a more mature outlook proves she has the staying power to be a life-long icon. To quote Swift herself: best believe she’s still bejeweled.



I feel like its important for me to preface this by saying that although I am a fan of Taylor Swift, I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore Swiftie. However, I was one of the millions who were waiting as Spotify crashed at 12am on October 21st.

You are either a Folklore and Evermore person or Reputation and Lover person. I am a Reputation and Lover girl through and through. So, I was very relieved to hear Taylor back with her upbeat music.

Maybe it was because I was annoyed that I was doing my math homework at 12am, but the first time I listened to Midnights I thought that it was overhyped. However, after giving it another listen it definitely has gotten better. I guess I’ll end this by saying that it was good, but I don’t think anything compares to Reputation or Lover. Honorable mention to “Mastermind”.


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