RFK Jr Announces Running Mate

Robert F Kennedy Jr., son of Bobby Kennedy, the former attorney general and senator and brother to JFK, announced his independent candidacy on October 9, 2023. While he was previously known for his work as a fierce environmental lawyer fighting large companies, in more recent years he has become infamous for his anti-vaccine views, regularly […]

The Greatest Film of the Year (Foolish Edition)

Tickets are unable to be found for springs biggest film Ryan Gosling stars alongside Zendaya in a romantic slasher film where they play a serial killer couple out to see who has the most kills “This has been one my favorite films to star in,” said Gosling last week, “Best one since Barbie definitely” The […]

BSU CLOSING DOWN IN 2025 (Foolish Edition)

Bridgewater State University is bowing out After the 2024-2025 academic year the College is closing its doors, leaving thousands to scramble to find new schools. The abrupt announcement came as shocking news to both students and professors, neither group having seen any signs that the school was in poor shape. “The finances have been poor […]

Dune: Part Two is a Masterpiece

Dune: Part Two might be the best film of 2024.  Not many films have come out this year, and most have been awful (Madame Web, Megamind 2, Argyle, Mean Girls), but this film was so good, I’m ready to see that 2024 has been on par with 2023.  This film flawlessly picks up where the […]

A Review of an Insane Play

Have you ever hated your life? Truly hated it to the point that you question your sanity? This play is about that. Directed by BSU student Yahaira Torres (she/her), The Insanity of Mary Girard is about a woman in an institute questioning her sanity while looking back at her life. The play takes place in […]

Presidents Have Never Been Older

Presidential candidates have never been older. It can be tough to remember a time when people running were not on retirement benefits but that time did exist. Obama (he/him) was 51 when he ran for reelection, Mitt Romney (he/him) was 65. Bush Jr. (he/him) was 54, Bill Clinton (he/him) was 46, Bush Sr. (he/him) was […]

Fury vs Usyk preview

Tyson Fury will be battling Oleksander Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight boxing championship of the world. This will be the first undisputed heavyweight title fight in nearly 25 years, when Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield for the crown. Fury was the previous unified champion and current World Boxing Council (WBC) champ, Usyk is the current […]

Streaming Sucks

How many streaming services do you think there are? Lets count Netflix, Disney, Hulu, HBO, Prime, ESPN+, Paramount, Discovery, Apple TV, Peacock, Starz, Crunchyroll, BET+, Britbox Showtime, AMC+, etc… That’s 16 and I only counted the ones I’ve heard of.  Do you know how much it would cost if you wanted to pay for all […]

Get to Know the BSU Police Department

What do you know about BSU’s Police Department?  For many students, the answer is likely not much. Most students won’t ever come into contact with the Police Department. BSU is home to its own police department, separate from the Town of Bridgewater. That’s important to Michael Froio, Assistant Chief of Police at BSU who stated, […]

New Zoning Law Goes Into Effect This Year

Housing may get cheaper in Massachusetts next year. A new law going into effect affects 177 towns and cities across eastern Massachusetts, with an exemption for Boston. It would require towns and cities with either an MBTA stop or adjacent to one to increase zoning for multi-family housing. The amount of housing they need to […]