Definition of Student Success to BSU Students

By Cori Dubois

Campus Life Editor

The phrase “student success” can vary amongst students depending on what their meaning of being successfully educated is. Each student has their own vision or definition of what this means to them. Benchmarks of success over time have blurred and now depend on how well the institution prepares them for their future professional goals, the connection to the college community, and the social challenges they face. 

Students of the BSU community described what student success means to them, how the university provides resources for this, and how they could help students reach the level of success they have in mind. After interviewing some students, this is what they had to say:

Nicole Stuart, a senior at BSU says, “One thing that has greatly helped my success at BSU is the responsiveness and availability of the professors. Many of my professors repeatedly remind students that they are available during their office hours – by appointment, through email, and even through office phone calls. This is all to help students in any way they possibly can, through whichever means is easier for the student. The professors here really want to see the students succeed.”

Lauren Melchionda, a junior at BSU, talks about how safety is a means for people to succeed and be able to learn in a safe community. She says, “As a student at Bridgewater, speaking on behalf of my fellow classmates, friends, etc., I think that safety is becoming a bigger issue for students. For resident students who have to work early in the morning or come back late, Tower Lot is the only parking lot that offers guaranteed parking and these are dangerous times to walk back to your room at. Students who have better parking are also more likely to go to classes which contributes to their academic success. Parking needs to become more convenient and safety should be the number one priority.”

Lastly, Jaelyn Bertowice, another junior at BSU says, “As a student at BSU, I have found that the school provides many resources to be successful. A resource that I always find myself taking advantage of is the academic achievement center in the Maxwell Library. The services there have helped me to perfect an English paper and pass a math exam on multiple occasions. I definitely recommend this service to anyone who is struggling or looking to really succeed.”

When students succeed, the institution succeeds. It is important that people in authority at educational institutions pay attention to what student success means to their students in order to help them achieve their professional and academic goals. 

Cori Dubois is the Campus Life Editor for The Comment.

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