POEM: The Grim Sleeper

The Grim Sleeper 

by Adam Blowers

Fetal position on the mattress, 

The fireplace dims and she’s waiting for him 

To return from scavenging the forest 

For lost truckers and whatever unlucky suckers 

Wander late at night, be they edgy teens 

Dancing, drugging and dodging the cops, 

Or be they drunkards far from the bar.

She fans the fireplace, wondering 

Why he always tells her the flames come from hell, 

And how is it she never sees him striking 

Any matches, or whatever it is that catches 

Fire late at night, be it alcohol, 

Oils, bundles of kindle, and where 

He seems to disappear to out there.

She falls asleep long before he’s home, 

The fireplace burns and she tosses and turns. 

Every night in her mind she sees it clearly, 

The same visions of people screaming, and a demon 

Dragging them outside, in between the trees, 

Pleading, bleeding and screaming “please stop, 

I’m not meant to die, oh dear God why!”

Adam is a Junior majoring in English with a concentration in Writing and Writing studies. You can find more of his work at  https://tinyurl.com/ablowers

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