BSU Bucket List

As I go into my fifth and final year at this beautiful university that made me into who I am today, I reflect on some of my greatest memories and moments in college and well, I figure the least I can do is give some knowledge and advice to the next generation. So, here is what every single one of you whipper snappers should do before you graduate.  

Attend the homecoming football game 

 Sports aren’t everybody’s thing. That’s fair. Still every student should attend the homecoming game at least once for two reasons. One, it is awesome to see the camaraderie and passion the alumni have for their school as they appear in droves to watch this game and it’s awesome to just see the passionate crowd cheer for their team. Heck, even if you aren’t into sports you might find yourself cheering after a bit. The second reason is when those fireworks go off after the game it’s a sight to see and it’s a great thing to look at with your friends. Also, if you are into sports then awesome.  

Attend the Springfest carnival  

This is one I feel I don’t have to sell anybody on but who knows? Every spring Bridgewater hosts a carnival right on the Shea Durgin field and it’s an awesome event that every student should attend once.  

Have Chessman’s pizza  

Iconic Bridgewater pizza that many a Bridgewater student has had on a late night, it’s a tradition at this point to have the pizza at least one time during your tenure as a Bear. Don’t break tradition.  

Study abroad or take a study tour I haven’t done this yet, but I’m hoping to do it this spring. The fact is Bridgewater has so many study abroad or study tour opportunities that you have to at least try to do it before you graduate.  

Walk down Burrill Ave on Halloween I’m not one to judge what a person does in their spare time outside of school off campus but whatever you’re into, you should at least go down this street on Halloween. It’s definitely interesting seeing everybody’s costumes for the year.  

Go to Tilly during an event  

Tilly has hosted some great events over the years that have allowed for great foods such as Star Wars day, Harry Potter day, Super Bowl Sunday, and others. Plus, during Thanksgiving and Christmas the food is can’t miss.  

Leave something for Martin Richard  

The Martin Richard statue was erected during my Freshman year and it has become common place to leave things for him. Painted rocks and flowers are a popular one but during certain times of the year other things have been placed on him or near him such as Red Sox attire when the Red Sox won the world series and, my personal favorite, a custom Boston Marathon jersey with Richard on the back during the Boston Marathon weekend. 

 Take a picture with Bristaco 

 He’s our mascot how are you going to say no to taking a picture with the fuzzy ole bear? Fun fact he gets his name from the school’s former name, Bridgewater State College as an abbreviation 

Take a picture with Fred Clark 

 It’s a rite of passage to take a picture with our president. He’s everybody’s favorite guy. I’ve had two with the guy! #humblebrag  

Attend an open mic night  

Bridgewater habeen famous for hosting some great open mics over the years and I have attended them multiple times. I’ve seen great poets, comedians and singers all up there so attend one and see what it’s all about.  

Walk the trails Bridgewater offers great hiking/walking trails in our woods and it should behoove you to check it out. I recommend during the fall. 

Ride the Iron Bear 

 There is an iron bear right outside Tinsley gymnasium, it’s become a quiet tradition for people to ride it and take pictures on it. Put yourself in the club.  

Tag the rock 

There’s a rock in the woods that has become a tradition to tag with your friends with spray paint with whatever you desire usually it’s your groups symbol whatever that may be which brings me to my last point.  

Get involved and find your people  

It’s important on this campus to get involved and find the friends that are right for you. I’ve thankfully been involved in a lot of things over the years and made some great friends due to that. Whatever you’re interested in it’s always best when the people you love are with you. 

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