Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Half-Time show: Family-Time Appropriate?

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on their infamous Super Bowl Halftime show on February 2nd, 2020. If you were sitting in your living room eating nachos with your parents and younger siblings, it might have been a little awkward to watch Shakira and J-Lo shake what their mothers’ gave them so blatantly. But in all honesty, this performance was one of the most iconic, riveting, and powerful productions in all of Super Bowl history. 

The intense passion these two women brought out on stage was like no other. But of course people tend to disregard their talents and discriminate against women for their clothing, dance moves, and more. What is the common thread between the people who are criticizing their performance, you may ask? The majority of these internet trolls are made up of middle aged men and women! The younger generations generally supported their performance techniques for the following reasons.

Jennifer Lopez showed off her amazing body that she maintains at 50 years old. She reserves every right in the world to display all of her talents! I am 18 years old and I could never be able to do some of the things that she can. She is a phenomenal performer, and that is exactly what she did, she put on a performance! She even brought in the Puerto Rican flag along with the American flag to symbolize the variety of places she calls home. I love her confidence in exhibiting her cultural differences and it leaves such a positive impact on younger viewers.

Speaking of celebrating cultural differences, Shakira went all out and I was here for every second of it. Shakira is widely known in Spanish speaking countries all over the world and is seen as an absolute icon. She gave back to her fanbase by displaying dance moves that originated from her home, Barranquilla, Colombia, and more. Every component devoted to this performance came out absolutely flawless.

Obviously a small newspaper article cannot even begin to highlight the legendary show these two women put on. But I feel as if their confidence and amazing incorporations of their cultures scared some viewers because they just cannot understand that not everyone may be like them. Nobody was this corrupted when Adam Levine had his shirt off and was acting provocatively. It is called gender inequality and I believe women should be more supportive of other women.

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