While Society Crumbles, the Casio DW5600-E Ticks On

Photo taken by Kevin Furtado
Photo taken by Kevin Furtado

As we all prepare for impending apocalypse caused by COVID-19, I believe it is worth discussing what we need to survive such a downfall of civilization. While some people may hoard toilet paper and Purell in vast quantities, my concerns revolve around how I can connect to the outside world in times of crisis. For such a task, I believe there is nothing more important than knowing the time and date, and there is only one tool strong enough to handle this job: the Casio G-Shock DW-5600E.
While many of my friends from high school remember G-Shocks as the bulky watches worn by popular varsity athletes, there is more to this segment of Casio’s lineup than meets the eye. This watch line came out in 1983 after Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe accidentally dropped a watch that had been a family heirloom. The timepiece shattered, and Ibe decided to avenge its destruction with the creation of a watch that could survive a 10-meter drop. After more than 200 prototypes, the DW-5000 was a success. It featured a hollow, rubber case that allowed it to survive hard impacts without any damage to the timekeeping module.
My personal watch is a modern iteration of the DW-5000’s design, with a rectangular rubber case and an integrated rubber strap. I love how although this watch has a case diameter of 43 millimeters, it still looks rather small on my somewhat feminine 6-inch wrists. Its 80s design also matches my personality and many of the outfits that I wear, reinforcing Huey Lewis’ famous statement, “It’s hip to be square.”
This watch is also an icon in the world of Hollywood, which makes it even more appealing to me. Keanu Reeves notably wears an earlier model of my DW-5600E in the 1994 film “Speed.” Other models from the G-Shock line also have cameos in film, however. For example, Chris Pratt wears a newer, rounder, and bulkier model in the recent “Jurassic World” series.
The price of these watches also makes them worth considering over other timepieces. The DW-5600E and a few other G-Shock models cost around $45 online. Solar-powered options are available for only $50 more. For the same amount of money, you could purchase a single Apple Watch band from your local Apple Store. Therefore, it seems to be a no-brainer what you should do with your hard-earned cash.
The money you spend is also not wasted on poor quality. I can testify from experience that my watch is just as durable as its predecessor. It survived numerous trips to the beach and drops on the floor over my time with it. It even made it through dozens of whacks against desks and walls as I proved to my friends how robust this timepiece is, much to their chagrin. It is definitely a workhorse, and it can withstand any situation its wearer confronts.
Other than its durability, this watch has numerous features that help make it practical in multiple scenarios. It features a stopwatch, a timer, and a daily alarm. This ensures that if you manage to survive the end of the world, you will still be on time for your 8 a.m. classes. It also features a perpetual calendar, which will display the date and day of the week correctly, taking leap years into consideration, until 2099. While, unlike most smartwatches, it will not tell you how often you should breathe or when you should go outside for a walk, this Casio still offers quite a lot in such a small, inexpensive package.
Being a watch collector, there are multiple timepieces that I try to rotate throughout my wardrobe. However, if times get severe enough, I will place all my other watches back in their boxes and reach for my Casio G-Shock DW-5600E. It features enough technology to help me through my day with a stylish, retro design that I enjoy. In addition, it is a piece of a nostalgic product line with a fascinating history both on and off the big screen. Lastly, its 10-year battery life and shock-resistant case ensure that if I make it through whatever crisis presents itself, my watch will be there for me at the other end. Therefore, I believe that while everyone creates stockpiles in anticipation of COVID-19 ending life as we know it, people should at least consider adding a G-Shock to their stashes. Although food and water are important, I feel that the most important thing of all is a beacon of hope that we can overcome the impossible. This principle is perfectly encapsulated in the meaning behind these stylish, durable, and affordable timepieces.

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