The Best Bar Pizza Around: J’s Flying Pizza

Heading down South Street in Bridgewater you’ll notice a lot of open land. Grass, trees, maybe even some cows if you’re lucky. But if you pass by a home with an illuminated sign from a window that says: “open”, then you’re know a proud holder of the location to J’s Flying Pizza.

J’s Pizza isn’t an ordinary pizza shop however. You’ll quickly notice upon arrival that the shop cooks out of a garage.

Yes, a garage. But don’t let this deter you from trying the pie… it’s very good.

Upon arriving Steve was taking orders from customers calling in, or as he said, “We get regulars calling in all the time, I mean how long did it take me to write down that order? Fifteen seconds?”

J’s Pizza is a family owned operation that has been around since 1978, which is no surprise considering the quality of the food and its amazing prices. The cost for one cheese pizza is only $8.50, which is an absolute steal considering what most pizza shops charge for a large pie.

When you first look at the pizza, you’ll notice that the cheese is still visibly steaming, making the meal already look delectable. There is no flop when picking up a slice, and the cheese holds itself together, atop a crust that was perfectly crunchy and not burnt in the slightest.

However, the best part about this pizza had to have been… the sauce. It was incredibly rich and tangy, and it’s of of the reasons that this pizza is always worth the drive. J’s Pizza, although small, is without a doubt on par with local bar pizzas that can be found at Cape Cod Cafe and Emma’s Pub and Pizza.

J’s Flying Pizza has continuously upheld its reputation in my eyes as one of the better bar pizzas around in Southeastern MA, due to its affordable price, the quality crispness of the dough when biting into it, and fantastic tangy sauce that keeps you wanting more. 

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