Top 5 Met Gala Looks

I once asked my best friend to describe my fashion, and she said, “most of the time ‘it’s rolled out of bed'”.

Another fact about me: I own 20 pairs of Crocs. I own them unironically. They are my preferred shoe.

One last fashion fact about me: I believe tie-dye shirts and shirts that are worn by feminine-presenting people that say “(insert location) Dad” are peak fashion.

I believe that it is important for you, the reader, to know these things about me so you can understand that I am ABSOLUTELY THE MOST qualified to rate the Met Gala looks this year!

The Met Gala is an annual event hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute to celebrate the newest exhibit and fundraise. It is referred to as the Oscar night of fashion. Each year showcases a different theme, and this year it was, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear that theme, I instantly think of American fashion. Maybe some old West looks, a little but of Jersey Shore circa 2010 looks, i.e leopard print, Juicy sweatsuits, pleather leggings, and busted Uggs. Selfishly, I wanted those kinds of looks, if only because it would have been PURE comedy, but, I am happy to report that attendees did not do that. Sadly.

There were some amazing looks, there were some okay looks, and there were definitely some flops, but let’s get into the good ones. More specifically, the top 5 looks of the night in my highly qualified opinion.


Number 5: Grimes

Grimes. Photo: Getty Image

Grimes is my number 5 look of the night. I like this look a lot. I love the use of the mask as part of the outfit. THE SWORD????? LOVE IT. She looks all-powerful. I love the strength she embodies in this look. However I wouldn’t call this American fashion, because she truly looks otherworldly and if we’re being honest, American fashion is not otherworldly. She is not higher on this list simply because I do believe there were better looks.

Number 4: Normani

Normani in Valentino. Photo: WireImage

Normani looks absolutely stunning in this color. The dress is beautiful, and her use of simple make-up and jewelry do not take away from her beauty or the dress and that is why she was able to wear this so successfully. She looks like a princess, and for someone who is as talented and beautiful as her, she deserves that.

Number 3: A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky. Photo: Getty Images

I am an avid Twitter dot com user. On Twitter, A$AP got dragged for this look, but for me, this is among the top 3. This look embodies the feeling of home to me. It brings to mind memories of being wrapped up tight in a blanket and falling asleep on the couch, someone gently waking you up and telling you to go to your bed. The feeling this outfit evokes in me makes this an iconic outfit.

Number 2: Nikkie de Jager (also known as Nikkie Tutorials)

Nikkie de Jager. Photo: Getty Images

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK. The dress and the headpiece are gorgeous, and the floral accents paired with that headdress make it a home run for me.  Additionally, the inclusion of “pay it no mind” as a subtle nod to the legend Marsha P. Johnson assists in her creation of an absolutely show-stopping look.

Number 1: Iman

Iman in Harris Reed. Photo: WireImage

This look is, hands-down, the supreme look of the entire event. I truly don’t believe enough people are talking about it, to be honest. She looks angelic. This look is THE moment. She is pure beauty and grace. Her ability to move around, operate, and exist in this dress, is truly a feat many could not pull off, but she does and does it magnificently.


You can disagree with me and that’s okay, but I only stated facts.

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