When War Comes

When War Comes


A world superpower has invaded a sovereign state without just reasoning. A new war has begun. 

The invasion is opposed by the superpower’s allies. 

There is worldwide protest of the war. 36 million people have participated in over three thousand anti-war demonstrations. They carry picket signs demanding the war be brought to an immediate end. They wave the flag of the sovereign nation and pack into city squares chanting for peace. 

The invading nation is determined to kill the leadership of the sovereign state and institute a regime change. The leadership of the sovereign nation has gone into hiding. 

Hundreds of missile strikes have rocked the capital city in a country small enough to fit as a state within the United States. Holes big enough to fly an airplane through have been blown out of apartment buildings. Convoys of tanks and armored trucks have formed columns and are approaching the capital city. Journalists have been indiscriminately killed. 

“I remember we were, we were sleeping. We just hear the bombing everywhere,” said an aircraft engineer who lives in the capital city. “So that’s when the war started. And we fall off the bed, because the whole house was shaking.” 

The superpower has sent over 150,000 troops into the invasion. 

Millions of civilians, taking only the belongings they can carry, have fled their homes.  

Bombings in their cities have been occurring 24 hours a day. 

Thousands of civilians have already been murdered in these attacks. 

At least one university with students on the grounds has been destroyed. 

In a country whose population numbers only in the tens of millions already 2 million citizens (about the population of Nebraska) have been displaced. 

Polls show that bout 50-60% of the people of the invading nation approve of the illegal war. 

“What would you do if someone tried to break into your house? Would you sit and watch, or would you resist?” asked an advisor of the president of the sovereign nation being interviewed by PBS.

The United States of America invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq under false pretenses and with illegitimate evidence on March 03, 2003. 


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