Prince of Eve: The Night When Black Cats Ruled Halloween

Black cat, black cat, Prince of Eve

Causing mischief when he leaves.

Wearing his hat and cloak of lies

Magic ensues within his eyes.

Emerald of sea, fill his might

Changing humans overnight.

Black cats here, black cats there

Black cats roaming everywhere.

They climb the tower deep in France

Performing a chilling witch’s dance.

They march together in the streets of Rome

The Colosseum will be their new home.

Look, Lady liberty, their changing her face

They gave her whiskers to fit the her grace.

Black cats dance, black cats play

Black cats rule Halloween day.

They crave the dark night, and as such they sway

This spell will not last, or so the cats say.

Black cat, black cat, Prince of Eve

Midnight strikes, it’s time to grieve.

Humans here, humans there

Humans roam everywhere.

No more mischief, no more fun

The prince returns home, it must be done.

Though this is not the last you’ll see

Of the black cat prince, it will not be.

Remember his eyes, yes, they stare

When you are completely unaware.

For those who stumble into the Prince of Eve

Will know that something is up his sleeve.

Rest my prince under the old Hallows Tree

Until someone plants you the emerald seed.

When you rise once more, they will all see

That the black cats will again rule Halloween.

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