The Bear Essentials (By Anna Dykhoff)

Looking for professional attire for interviews, presentations, or internships? The Bear Essentials Closet, located in the Rondileau Student Union (RSU) Room 102, provides free, accessible clothing for all sizes, styles, and professional needs! Katie Muldoon (she/her), Graduate Assistant in the internship office, and Carrie Kulick-Clark (she/her), President of the Bridgewater Alumni Association (BAA) both operate […]

Love Letter to Tilly

If someone asked me to choose between ECC, Crimson, or Bear’s Den as my favorite BSU dining hall, I would adamantly absolutely refuse to answer.  Despite now living on East Campus, I am a Scottie all the way. Freshman year was all about where I go to get food as quickly as possible, while also […]

Bridgewater’s Best: Joshua Joseph

The Comment is proud to begin our student profiles for the semester with an award winning member of our community.  Literally! A recent recipient of the 29 Who Shine, a program founded by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Joshua Joseph (he/him) will be graduating this semester, and let us be the first to say […]

Introvert’s Guide to Skate Night

Have you ever experienced a middle school skate night? A whole bunch of hyperactive demi-teens zooming around a polished wood oval on wheels. So what if the six-foot giant is the only one who can’t skate?  With no center of gravity and a lack of spatial awareness, I’ve always been quite bad at tasks that […]

Three Cheers For Bailey Cormier!

If you attended the 2021 graduation ceremony, then you would have marveled at the smooth transitions of photos on the big screens, or how all members of the team running seemed to know exactly what they were doing. This was all thanks to a student Bailey Cormier (she/her).  Ironically, she was pushed by The Comment’s advisor, Michelle […]

Farewell to Jesse Frazier

I will admit, I’m not great at writing praise.  It’s awkward! Who really has it in them to sit around and think about the impact one person has had on them, and write about it as well? Super uncomfortable! However, there is always room for some exceptions. And as the graduates of 2022 don their […]