Impeachment of Peru’s President Incites Violence

Ongoing protests and political demonstrations that have swept Peru are nearing their second full month. The protests began in reaction to the removal of President Pedro Castillo (he/him) after he was impeached and arrested on charges of rebellion. Castillo was an elementary school teacher in the rural town of Puña before he ran for the […]

A Force for Good – Wicahpi Chaddlesone Yankton

Wicahpi Chaddlesone-Yankton (she/her) is a junior here at Bridgewater State University studying political science with an international affairs concentration and two minors in Native American and Indigenous studies and English. She is involved in multiple different organizations, including Student Government Association (SGA) as the parliamentarian and the Indigenous Culture and Allies Association (ICAA) as the […]

An Editors’ Midnight(s) Review

MADDY: As much as I love Taylor, “Midnights” was just okay. I am a hardcore Folklore and Evermore fan, so I was hoping for her latest album to have the same feel. Unfortunately, this was not the case. That being said, there are a lot of fans who have the opposite reaction, thinking that her […]

Soaring The Skies Zachary Allen

When you were asked as a kid what you wanted to be when you grow up, how did you respond? As you matured, and it changed from ‘what do you want to be’ to ‘who do you want to be when you get older’, how did your answer change? Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps […]

La Socidad Latinx Student Org Spotlight

La Socidad Latinx Cultural organizations Bi-Week meetings occur in DMF 471 from 5:30 to 6:30 Organization Mission: “The purpose of this organization is to promote unity and cultural awareness throughout the university and its community about the diverse history, languages, and traditions of the Latinx community as well as to recognize the Hispanic community among […]

Homecoming and Spirit Week 2022

Welcome to your Fall 2022 semester! The academic mother-load that comes right after a beautiful summer break. Some are left dreading the return to school, while others are rocketing towards that last week of vacation, traveling from far and wide to see their friends again and tighten up that GPA. No matter how you view […]

How Overturning Roe V. Wade Will Affect Elections

On June 24th, 2o22, the Supreme Court released the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision, which overruled the constitutional right to abortion established by Roe v. Wade in 1973. The decision to overturn allowed states to restrict and even ban abortion procedures. This decision faced public outcry from many after trigger bans came into affect in […]

An Overview of the Primaries

From pre-registration signs up at high schools across the country to constant reminders from the politically active— elections cause a big stir in the US. Primary season wrapped up earlier this month, with Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Delaware holding their primaries on September 13. Primary elections are held so that each party is able […]