BSU Students Embrace Their Cultures

On Wednesday September 28th 2022, the Lewis and Gaines Center for Inclusion and Equality (LGCIE) hosted their annual “Embrace Your Culture” event, open to all members of the BSU community. Many of the university’s multicultural clubs and organizations were in attendance to promote themselves, eat delicious foods, and enjoy learning about each other’s groups. There were some organizations that were previously inactive due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the United Caribbean Culture and Sister Scholars faced many challenges, but were present at the event to debut their comeback. Student Miraya Reeves, President of Sister Scholars, shared that her goal with bringing back the organization is to provide women on campus a safe space “to exist as they are”.The event also featured the D’Afrique Dance Team’s first performance of the semester! Many students seemed to enjoy the event’s festivities. When asked about what the importance of the event is to her, the African Student Association’s Secretary, Lynn Omodi, answered it is to “showcase the space that we hold for students on campus, to feel comfortable with where they’re from, from different places all around Africa and to learn and grow with the African Community. But even for students that aren’t—just to get rid of the stigmas that are held against African countries and to show how we beautiful we are”. Jenna Alshar, President of the Muslim Student Association, also added that it is important for her to “bring people together regardless of what they believe in, and also try to unite them and educate them on what Islam’s teachings truly are.” Safe to say this year’s Embrace Your Culture event was a success!

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