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Bridgewater State University’s student-run radio station, WBIM, features a diverse collection of shows for the community to listen to. Phoebe Wilmot (she/her), the Promotions Director of WBIM, has fostered an interest in radio since her mother DJ’d for WBIM during her undergrad. Wilmot recalls being eager to join after seeing the station at last year’s annual Involvement Fair.

Having joined in Fall 2021 as an intern, she quickly became a DJ in the following spring semester. Her show, Genre Fluid, has become her platform to showcase her broad taste in music and  plays different genres of artists every week. She also discusses the background of each genre including its history and evolution to modern sounds. Although she does listen to all kinds of music, Wilmot names rock as her favorite.

The name Genre-Fluid, a play on the term “gender-fluid”, was inspired by her love for all kinds of music. When initially developing her show, Wilmot decided that it would be fitting to give it a more accommodating name, as she likes “to show other people different kinds of music, because there are so many different kinds out there and I think they all deserve the same amount of love.” Those interested can check out her show on Thursdays from 4PM-5PM

There’s also Pick It Up! hosted by DJs Emerson Thompson (she/her), Ari Jackson (she/they), Wayne Bohm (he/they), and intern Brennen Savery (he/they). Every show they play each of their favorite music genres, ranging from fun anime songs to rock and roll. Friends of Thompson’s that are in local bands have also had their music featured on the show.  When speaking about their experiences as hosts, Bohm and Jackson described it to be “a lot of fun”. Listening to a variety of genres has allowed Thompson to enjoy other styles of music, and she shared that “before meeting Ari, I didn’t listen to a lot of anime intros, J-Pop, or anything of that subculture. And it’s been cool to be exposed to new stuff and be able to share it with people listening.”

Thompson added, “It’s also been cool to have the three of us and our dynamic last year, and then for Brennan to join, it’s just always a highlight of our week to do the show. We just…goof around, play songs, and have friends call in.” Make sure to catch their next broadcast on Fridays from 12PM-1PM, and follow their social media @pickitup91.5wbim.

Lastly, we have WBIM broadcast by student Gabriel Michael Alexander (he/him), with his show Star Stuff. On the show, listeners can enjoy songs that have a “space, future, technology theme or sound”. Additionally, he reads his horoscope each broadcast in addition to commentary about the songs being played. Alexander enjoys playing a variety of artists, mentioning that his latest broadcast featured songs from Moby, Van Halen, and The Moody Blues. Listeners can tune into Star Stuff every Friday from 4PM-5PM

WBIM broadcasts within a 10-mile radius of BSU. where you can listen on 91.5FM radio. Listeners can also enjoy these shows via streaming services linked in WBIM’s social media platforms @91.5wbimfm.

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