Midnight Madness 2023

BSU’s Athletics Department hosted its annual Midnight Madness event on Thursday, January 26th from 10pm–12am. Crowds of students packed into the Adrian Tinsley Center for a fun-filled night. As soon as the lights dimmed, the energy went through the roof! The event featured special performances from BSU’s Cheerleading team and the Bear Band, the Dance team, Kinetic Edge, and D’Afrique. In addition to these performances, students were able to partake in fun games such as an event called “Bristaco Says,” a half-court shot contest, dizzy bat, and musical chairs, just to name a few. The winners of these challenges received special t-shirts for their efforts.

Throughout the night, attendees were given a chance to win even bigger prizes with this year’s raffle! Each guest was given one raffle ticket for a chance to win either a JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth Speaker, an Apple Watch, or a Samsung 42” Smart TV. Or, if you were lucky you may have caught a beach ball or bandana that was being thrown into the crowd! The night was filled with lively music and students banded together to do the “Wobble,” the “Cupid Shuffle,” and the “Cotton Eye Joe.”

Although Midnight Madness has been an ongoing tradition that many look forward to, for some it was a brand-new experience. Freshman Aryan Georgetown (she/her) enjoyed the event.

Her and her roommate first caught interest from the word of mouth being spread all over campus. “We came just to check it out and see what the hype was about, but I ended up having a good time. I liked it”, she said. Her favorite part was D’Afrique’s performance, as she has been looking forward to it since the announcement of their appearance. With the energy and fun activities, to Georgetown it was reminiscent of her high school’s pep rallies.

Midnight Madness 2023 was a success! Be on the lookout for other fun events happening this semester on EngageBSU!

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