PickleFest Fall ’23

Program Council shakes up the community with their brand new “PickleFest” held on October 9, 2023. The organization filled the Rondileau Student Union large ballroom with pickle-themed decorations, DJ’ed music, and lots of hungry students! The event was centered around a make-your-own pickle station. There were jars for students to take and fill with ingredients including vinegar, dill, and other delicious fixings to get creative with. In addition to making pickles, there was also trivia, arts & crafts, and a door prize contest for attendees to partake in. By the third hour, PickleFest had announced that they sold out of supplies.

The planning for this unique event began during the summer of 2023, originating from an idea of one of Program Council’s directors. “We were thinking of what people would want to see and thought ‘everyone loves pickles, so why not make an event about it?’”, Marisa Guertin (she/her), Spring Traditions Coordinator, shared. “It’s great to see everyone getting together while enjoying pickles, I’m glad everyone is having a good time.”  The event coordinator’s favorite parts was the abundance of food! With a large attendee turnout, Program Council hopes to return PickleFest to campus again for a future semester.

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