Coffee Grounds and Arcade Sounds near BSU

Welcome back Bears! Whether you are a seasoned student or a newbie like me, I’m sure you are looking to check out what lies beyond the campus grounds. Lucky for you (and me), there are some newer spots located right up the street in Bridgewater Square that I definitely recommend you check out!

First, I’d like to tell you about the Boundless Bean. Located across from the CVS of Summer Street and about 8 minutes from west campus, The Boundless Bean has so many yummy treats and drinks to offer. 

The building itself is cute, with outdoor seating for beautiful days as well as a comfy inside with the perfect coffee shop feel. The inclusive business had amazing service that was welcoming and delightful; something every customer wants to feel when grabbing a quick bite to eat.

I of course indulged in what they had to offer. I ordered the Cherry Limeade, which was delicious and cooling for the hot temperatures Bridgewater is currently having. The strawberry cream cheese puff is flakey perfection and the milk chocolate covered java Oreos melt on your tongue. A great experience if you ask me!

Steve’s Comics and Collectibles is another great place to check out in Bridgewater Square.

Upon entry, guests are welcomed with boxes upon boxes showcasing old-fashioned comic books. I saw popular titles that ranged from Archie to Marvel and was not disappointed with what they had to offer. It got even better seeing the collection of figurines and Funko Pops they had to offer, again with characters from franchises like Marvel, Disney, Game of Thrones, etc.

The customer service was very friendly and after talking with the owners, I learned that the two of them had opened four months ago and they had always been collectors, so when they had the chance to open a shop it was a no-brainer. The family business also has an arcade in the back that is ran by another member of their family which is an added bonus to the shop’s entertainment value.

Now that I’ve gotten to check out these two awesome spots so close to campus, I hope you can do the same!

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