The School for Good and Evil Review

Through my time in university, my good friends have come to see me as a big Disney fanatic. I am a big fan of nearly everything Disney – I reckon I know all of the words to every Disney song out there. I am so happy to say that The School for Good and Evil doesn’t let me down.

This movie does not only have a killer soundtrack but it makes you question the way that you think about the world around you. What does it mean to be truly evil? What does it mean to be exceptionally good? The School for Good and Evil seems to express how the world sets these concepts, despite the faults that live within both.

After watching this movie, you can see that you must watch with open expectations of what it means to be good and evil. People may appear to be good or evil however at the end of the day can have an array of different qualities that could be sorted into either.

Through this entire movie, the character Agatha, played by Sofia Wylie (she/her), had captured my heart. She was seen as a Witch through the course of the movie, however she was sorted into the school of Good. She proves herself worthy of her sorting by always staying true to herself, and standing by her friends no matter what.

Sophie, played by Sophia Anne Caruso (she/her), on the other hand seemed to always feel as though she deserved the life of a princess, which she pursued in a different way than what was expected. As opposed to her friend, Sophie was brought (or dropped) to the School of Evil, where those around her seemed to see her as being a Princess. Sophie grew into this evil persona in her attempt to find good, which I feel as though is something that many people can relate to. She lost focus of her goal and ended up straying.

In the end I relate to both of these characters – when it is so dead set that you are one persona and you don’t always understand why people sorted you there it can be very hard, whether it is into the School of Good or the School of Evil.

If you are looking for a captivating movie to fill your time, I definitely recommend that you check out The School of Good and Evil on Netflix!

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