Homecoming and Spirit Week 2022

Welcome to your Fall 2022 semester!

The academic mother-load that comes right after a beautiful summer break. Some are left dreading the return to school, while others are rocketing towards that last week of vacation, traveling from far and wide to see their friends again and tighten up that GPA.

No matter how you view the inevitable return, one thing that everyone looks forward to at Bridgewater State University (BSU) is Homecoming! Before we get to the big day-of celebration, Program Council (PC) has planned a jam-packed week of events, lovingly titled “Spirit Week”  Here at BSU – where you can’t go a day without hearing someone scream “Go Bears!” at you while you’re walking to class – isn’t it only fitting that we have an entire week dedicated to showing how much we love our school?

Believe it or not, many of the events leading up to Homecoming, as well as the day-of block party, are planned by PC and their Fall Traditions Coordinators.

Sophomore Phoebe Wilmot and senior Hanna August (both of whom are very active members of PC, as well as various other campus organizations) have taken charge as joint Fall Traditions Coordinators. August and Wilmot described that this year, things will be a little different from Homecomings past. 

Spirit Week events will begin next week, but The Comment is here to give you a quick rundown of the events. Starting us off is the widely beloved Casino Night, occurring on Wednesday in the Rondileau Student Union (RSU) ballroom from 7:00PM to 8:00PM. This event gives students chances to win many different prizes, like an iPad and Nintendo Switch among many other potential prizes! Thursday begins with a Do-It-Yourself succulent making kit in university park, where you get to plant your own succulents from 11:00AM to 3:00PM.

In addition to succulent making, Thursday also hosts the much anticipated Homecoming Pageant! Taking place in the RSU ballroom, the event is from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. The Homecoming Court consists of students from a pool of Senior (credit-wise) candidates who were either nominated or applied on their own. 

On Thursday night, these nine spirited students will be competing for the title of Homecoming Champion and will be judged in different categories such as costume, a talent of their choosing and an answer to a question that is asked by the host of the night. To learn more about this event, head over to our Homecoming Court preview!

Friday night is the epic conclusion to Spirit Week, fittingly dubbed Spirit Night, which includes a massive bash to get everyone extra hyped before Homecoming Day on Saturday! Spirit Night is when students get to experience “Glow Night.” If the name didn’t clue you in, this event features glow-sticks galore! University Park will be decked out with glowing yard games, as well as several different lighting locations to take selfies and group pictures! To top off this neon sundae, PC also hired a DJ to play music at this event – so come on down to enjoy some music, play some games, and get some great content for that college scrapbook!

Wilmot and August also hinted that there may be a little something new at this event specifically…

“There will be a massive surprise…Friday evening at our Spirit Night, and it might be worth your while to come check out University Park,” stated August.

To finish out Homecoming 2022, Bristaco’s Block Party will be the main event on October 1st. Multiple organizations will be hosting booths along both sides of the University Park walkway 11:30AM to 3:30PM. Each booth represents an organization or department on campus, and there will be games, giveaways, and general merriment!

According to Wilmot, there will be food truck vendors of different sorts and many games of Bingo – because nothing truly says BSU school spirit like a game of Bingo (maybe we get a little too into it – but who doesn’t want to win prizes!?). Bristaco’s Block Party is also a great time for families and friends to come down and get a better understanding of the BSU school spirit! 

We at The Comment hope that you have a blast at Spirit Week, and hope to see you all stop by our booth at Bristaco’s Block Party on Saturday.

Go Bears!!

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