Art as a Therapeutic Release

It seems that in the last decade, mental health crises have gone up by a significant margin. With climate change concerns, the pandemic, and countless other events that have disrupted our daily lives, many people find themselves with no outlet to release their stress. It definitely doesn’t help that it is so hard to get […]

Climate Change: A Generation in Crisis

Climate change and the general topic of global warming is one that is often politically charged. The current political climate of the United States has allowed for the discussion surrounding this topic to be further pushed as a political issue. As fear and tension rise between political parties, it is important to treat this issue […]

International Students Reflect on their Experiences At BSU

BSU puts a lot of effort into their international exchange programs, and has exchange programs for many different countries. Sally Roche (she/her), an international student from Ireland, came to BSU on a scholarship from the University of Limerick, in Limerick, Ireland. Roche spoke of her experiences saying, “It’s very interesting to get an experience of […]

Supreme Court Issues Ethics Code for Justices

The Supreme Court issued an ethics code that seeks to put restrictions into place for the justices of the Supreme Court, in light of recent events. Concerns in regard to unregulated trips and other actions taken by justices, Samuel Alito (he/him) and Clarence Thomas (he/him), have brought up tense discussion and debate in observing the […]

BSU Theater Presents: Dracula

Through October 20-22 and 26-28, BSU students, faculty, and friends alike, were delighted to have the pleasure of viewing Dracula, a play adapted by Sarah Elizabeth Bedard (she/her) in the Rondileau Student Union Auditorium. This creative and fresh adaptation of Dracula subverts tradition by having a cast mostly of women placed into high profile roles […]