Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a student in the Social Work Department, I feel the article in The Comment entitled “The Vape Ban One Month In” reflects a controversial topic for college students. Anecdotally, some college students use vaping as an alternative way to self-medicate during stressful times. There are many triggers that can cause vape usage such as test anxiety, essay writing and oral presentations. If vaping is used as a coping mechanism this could be potentially problematic.  

I agree that the research used to justify the ban is limited. Amanda Guindon displays this when she states that “204 reports of potential vape related illness have been reported to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health” (2). The evidence provided isn’t thoroughly expanding on all potential risks that can contribute to healthrelated illness.  

I’m not denying that these illnesses araccurate, but the research given is limited and doesn’t show a direct cause and effect relationship. The health-related illness could be from other substances other than vaping. The FDA should place an inquiry into the vaping companies in order to provide more data on the research of their products.  

Kester Kafeero states that “It is a popular belief that the state acted prematurely before researching the true cause of health-related illnesses” (2). I agree with this comment due to the lack of research into how the vape interacts with the FDA approved drugs.     

 Creating solutions to help students manage stress would be influential by putting emphasis on self-care information and options. Vape withdrawal symptoms are real, and education on self-care should be a part of support services in the college community.  

Ashla Matthews  

Bridgewater State University  

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