Bernie Wins New Hampshire

Senator Bernie Sanders won the first primary election of 2020 in New Hampshire this past week. 

After the Iowa debacle, many stated that the New Hampshire primary was the “kick-off” to election season. Unlike the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire was able to get votes out within hours after the polls closed. 

President Trump won the Republican votes with 85.6%, not shocking since he is the incumbent president. Bill Weld is his closest opponent in the Republican party and he finished with 9.1% of the votes. 

The real suspense fell between who was going to win in the Democratic party. Bernie claimed the lead with 25.7% of votes, Pete Buttigieg came in a close second with 24.4% of the votes, and Amy Klobuchar surged to third place and was able to snag 19.8% of the votes, a big change from starting at fifth place and only receiving 12.3% of the votes in Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren fell from third place and 18% of votes in Iowa to fourth place and only 9.2% of votes in New Hampshire. She spoke to her supporters after finding out the news and told America that either Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg would “make a better President than the one in the White House today”. 

She also congratulated Amy Klobuchar for surging in the polls. She stayed positive after a big loss. 

As most predicted, Joe Biden did not do so well in New Hampshire. He actually left the state before votes were in to start campaigning in South Carolina, instead of staying with his supporters in New Hampshire. He fell from fourth place in Iowa to fifth place in NH with 8.4% of votes.

Unfortunately, some candidates decided they could not go on after not doing as well as they expected in New Hampshire. Andrew Yang, Michael Bennett, and Deval Patrick ended their campaigns after falling close to the bottom of the polls on voting night. 

But is Yang really out? Days after he suspended his campaign, #StillVotingYang started trending on Twitter. An uproar of supporters claimed they would write-in Andrew Yang on their voting ballots in November even though he will not be the Democratic candidate. 

The next states to vote for the primary candidate are Nevada then South Carolina. After that, we will have Super Tuesday on March 3rd where voting takes place in 12 states, including Massachusetts. Make sure you’re registered to vote in order to show support for your favorite candidate.

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