Last night, Friday, September 18, an advocate for gender equality and human rights passed away. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you will surely be missed by many. 

The shock of her death hit me in a way I didn’t think it would. How do you mourn someone you’ve never met? How do you feel sad about losing someone who doesn’t even know your name? I think it’s because we do know her. Her spirit lives in all of us. 

Her courage reminds us that we can accomplish the things we may cower away from. Her advocacy encourages us to advocate for ourselves and those around us. Her passion ignites a fire in us to fight for what we believe in. She inspired a generation of people, she fought for us, she advocated for us, she reminded us of the kind of people we want to be. 

It’s now our turn to continue her fight. We must be the ones to inspire the next generation, fight, and advocate for them the way she did for us. We must honor her legacy and continue her mission. 

How can we do all of these big things? I’m glad you asked!

Vote. Vote. Vote. 

Register to vote. If you registered in the past, check to make sure your registration is still valid. Make a plan to vote. Request an absentee ballot. Find out where your polling station is.  Talk to friends, to family, to coworkers about the importance of voting. These small steps add up to big rewards and if we don’t do them, if we decide our one vote doesn’t matter, then we will deal with big consequences. 

If you believe women should have the right over their own bodies: vote. If you believe everyone has the right to be married no matter who they love: vote. If you want to make this country a place that welcomes everyone no matter where they were born, who they love, what the color of their skin is, who they identify as then please, vote.If you believe that this country has the potential to be better: vote.

Our power is in our vote. Vote for yourself, for your community, vote for a country you can be proud to say you’re from.

Justice Ginsburg – we will honor your life. We will continue your fight. RIP.

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