Last Nights Debate, an analysis

So you got through the first presidential debate of 2020, congrats! If you’re more confused than you were before watching it – let’s discuss. 

As expected, this debate was very…chaotic, to put it nicely, but let’s start at the beginning. Moderator Chris Wallace, Fox News anchor, started the debate by announcing the topics to be discussed throughout the evening. Those topics included: the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, the supreme court, race and violence, election integrity, and both candidate’s records.

Once the candidates, President Trump and former Vice President Biden, arrived on stage – the madness began. 

 As many have noted, much of the debate was a shouting match between the two men. A fight to see who could speak over the other more. The result? We all lost. 

While watching, it was hard to decipher what point each candidate was trying to make. Unfortunately, Trump didn’t explain any policy plans he intends to put in place if he is re-elected, and Biden could barely finish a thought before he was interrupted by an outburst from his opponent. 

It feels like we were robbed of a civil, productive debate. I don’t think either candidate did a good job pursuing the undecided voter to support them, which is the point of a debate. 

My biggest takeaways?

Chris Wallace had to break out his parent voice way too often. I kept having flashbacks of my mom telling me to put the candy back before cashing out at the grocery store. 

Biden’s advisors deserve a raise. Whatever techniques they taught him in order to stay calm (for the most part) should be taught to anyone who has ever had a political shouting match with their family over dinner. Also, looking directly into the camera was kind of nice. 

Training people to be anti-racist is not radical. 

A moderator telling the United States President during a debate, “I’m going to ask a question about race, but if you want to answer something else, you can”, is not ok. 

During a time of civil unrest and racial inequality – the President had an opportunity to condemn white supremacists groups. He chose not to.

The topic of climate change deserves way more than what it got last night. 

Finally, remember that your mental health is your biggest priority during these things. If at any point during the next few debates you feel overwhelmed or anxious, change the channel. Focus on you. There will be tons of reporters covering these things in the days after they’re finished. 

The next debate premieres on October 7th and will be between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. 

Here are the links to both candidates policy plans, since you know, we didn’t hear them last night: 

Trump: I couldn’t find a list of Trump’s ideas for the next 4 years, but here is what his campaign claims he has done so far, 


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