Sorority Recruitment Weekend 2020

This past weekend, from January 31st to February 2nd, I experienced, firsthand, the widely talked about sorority recruitment process. After each day, I recorded what happened so I could relay it to others who might be wondering what the recruitment process is like so they can decide for themselves whether or not they would like to partake in their school’s Greek life. Here’s the scoop.

Day 1: 

The first day, Friday January 31st, was Sisterhood Night; it was our chance to meet all four sororities on campus. I signed in, got a nametag, and waited for directions. After a short presentation, we learned that we would be spending our weekend with a group of girls called Rho Gammas, who disassociated from their sororities to guide potential new members without bias during this process. Each sorority had a dedicated room so people could go around and learn a little about each chapter without hearing noise from the others. After hearing each monologue, we ranked each sorority based on which ones we liked.

Day 2, Part 1:

The first part of Day 2 was “Philanthropy Morning.” We got to meet with up to three sororities that we were interested in and who reciprocated that back. I saw two sororities, Delta Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Tau. I learned about each group’s charity work and organizations they partnered with. After I finished, I ranked Delta Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Tau as my top choices. 

Day 2, Part 2: 

The second part of the second took place in the evening and was called “Preference,” or “Pref Night.” I was scheduled to see the same two sororities I saw earlier in the day. I got to hear stories from initiated members and experience some of the ceremonies they preform (which I am not allowed to go into detail about). I once again ranked the same two sororities and left.

Day 3: 

Day 3 was “Bid Day,” the day I found out which sorority I got into. I barely slept and couldn’t wait to go to DMF the next morning. After I arrived, I waited before being led into a large auditorium with all of the other new potential members. I found a seat that had an envelope with my name written on it. The recruitment leaders gave a quick speech, we counted down from 3, and we opened our envelopes! I received and accepted an invitation from Alpha Sigma Tau! Victory is mine! Proceeding the envelope opening, we went to Kelly Gym and met up with our sororities. We then took group photos and chatted a for hot minute before going our separate ways.  I got to spend most of the exciting day hanging out with Alpha Sigma Tau and I enjoyed every second of it! 

And that’s all she wrote! While I will say that it wasn’t easy, I will also say that it was so worth it. As of writing this, I have only known the members of Alpha Sigma Tau for 24 hours and I already know that these women will be a huge, wonderful part of my life. 

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