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2020 Red Sox Season Wrap-Up

2020 has been a unique year to say the least not only in sports, but for the entire world. The Boston Red Sox knew this season was going to be a rebuilding year despite being just two years off from winning the World Series. The trading of Mookie Betts turned away a lot of fans as the frustration with the franchise made them even unwatchable to some. The product on the field was beyond sub par as they wrap up this season in Atlanta this weekend, going in with an abysmal 22-35 record in the sixty-game season.

This shortened season may be the best thing to happen to the team as they are under manager Ron Roenicke who has been thrown in at the helm ever since the departure of Alex Cora. I give Ron a lot of props having to deal with the short season and handling this team on the bridge year to a new manager. Chaim Bloom will be able to have a full offseason looking for his new manager as Roenicke was just promoted from within last season.

Many do believe that Cora will be returning as he is beloved by the players and ownership of the team after his one-year ban for his role with the 2017 Astros.  With the managerial spot available going into this offseason it is something for fans to keep their eye on.

            Moving on to the players and on field play, the most frustrating thing to see with this team has been the pitching.  An already short starting staff with no Chris Sale and an unhealthy Eduardo Rodriguez, made it brutal to watch the starters this season as every other night the team was sending a no name pitcher to the mound.

Nathan Eovaldi looked great when healthy as he has recorded four wins and a low WHIP of 1.20. The young stud Tanner Houck has been awesome to watch as he may be able to compete for a rotation spot next season when they all return healthy. The 2017 first round pick for Boston made his MLB debut this season and he looks like Chris Sale from the right side when he takes the mound.

Going to the plate, Alex Verdugo has been the MVP for the team as the 24-year-old leads the team with a .323 batting average and has shown a great intensity all season long. This has been huge for the team, as he was the main returning piece in the Mookie Betts deal that sent him to LA. It is going to be exciting to watch him blossom as he is now part of the core along with Bogaerts and Devers who have been solid this season.

A second thing to look for this off season is the status of JD Martinez as he has an opt out after this season. This season has been rough for JD as he is hitting a career low .217. With the universal DH taking full effect next season JD will have a bigger market than before and it will be interesting to see if Martinez takes his guaranteed money in Boston or tests the market with a NL team.

Another disappointment for the team this year has been Andrew Benintendi. The team has been looking for Benny to take a big leap this season and instead he hit an abysmal .103 in his 39 at bats. Andrew injured his chest on a slide into second base and was shut down for the season soon after.

With many young players making a name for themselves it has been nice to see the future of this team in action all though it was only sixty games. The Boston Red Sox have a lot to do if they want to get back to their winning ways from two seasons ago and it will be a great offseason to follow starting in a few weeks.

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