BSU Updates its Mask Policy for After Spring Break

As we near the second anniversary of Bridgewater State University shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be hope on the horizon after spring break.

On March 2, BSU President Fred Clark announced to the Bears community that when we return from spring break, masks will only be required in three places for those who are fully vaccinated. Students and staff will have to continue to wear masks in all classrooms, BSU transit, and the Wellness Center. For those who have not been fully vaccinated, masks will continue to be required in all indoor spaces across campus.

These new guidelines will take full effect on March 21 as BSU will have all resident students submit a negative test within 72 hours of the resident’s move in time or take up the available testing on campus with a PCR test from the Wellness Center.

During our first week back, thousands of free rapid tests will continue to be available at the front desk of RSU for any student or staff who needs a test. BSU continues to promote that all students be fully vaccinated, with the weekly testing for non-vaccinated students continuing throughout the second semester, as more and more students become eligible for the booster.

President Clark put a strong emphasis on mental health in his email to the community stating that many people are afraid of change when it comes to masks preventing this deadly virus.

“Mental health is something we have to be very considerate of here,” Clark went on to say in a Zoom conference this week. “Many of our students don’t know BSU in a non-pandemic world and we hope to make that transition for them easy.”

Added in the email was the emphasis to be there for one another during these times. Do not be afraid to ask for help whether it is from a friend or the great professionals we have here at BSU over at the Wellness Center. Mental health and anxiety should not be looked down upon and all of us should be comfortable opening up to each other and admitting we are not ok in this time of change.

We are excited for a sense of normalcy on the way, but are also being very considerate of what is to come in terms of mental health and other changes. Please be sure to do your part and help the whole Bears community return to full normalcy.

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