A local restaurant Review: C-Shore, Wellfleet

            It is hard enough to find a restaurant open year-round in little Wellfleet, my hometown down on the Cape. With a pandemic I found little to no hope of eating out here at home at home, but my wishes were soon to come true. C-Shore is a newer restaurant in town as they are going into there third summer which is still new compared to the other summer staples in Wellfleet. Providing curbside pick up and pay over the phone this restaurant has been here to serve the community in these uncertain times and instead of them thanking us for ordering from them, we thank ALL restaurants and their staff for staying open during these times.

            Diving into the menu, C-Shore provides a great variety of local seafood and comfort food as well. From Lobster Mac, to fresh hand tossed Pizza, and the scrumptious burgers there is someone on the menu for everyone. The pizza is a personal favorite of mine with the special “Big Mac Pizza” being a dynamite selection any night. Most recently, my family and I ordered the huge burgers topped with pork belly and my mother was delighted with her locally caught scallops as well. The wings had me and my father drooling with tons of meat and a bold sweet chili sauce. My parents even scored some alcohol from the restaurant as they could distribute with the new law allowed from the state during these times. C-Shore is quickly becoming a staple of a restaurant in the Frazier household as many locals are still getting used to new style of restaurant. Although you can’t get the great service inside the crew still does a great job at guaranteeing a customer is still satisfied. With great takeout, C-Shore will be called for takeout again by the Frazier crew.

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