Manifest Season 4: Make the Final Connection Review

“828, the gift that keeps on giving,” jokes Michaela Stone, played by Melissa Roxburgh (she/her), on Season 4 Episode 3 of Manifest.  

Since 2018, this supernatural thriller has taken over viewers from NBC and now Netflix. Passengers on flight 828 boarded a plane in 2013 and landed five years later. Some see it as a miracle they survived and others believe these passengers are a threat to society. The years following their return are filled with murder mysteries, callings that connect passengers, and the goal of stopping the “Death Date.” 

Manifest’s pilot season is where I became a fan as it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. The production of this fan favorite show was shut down in June 2021 which left us all with so many questions. Thankfully Netflix picked the show up to finish the story and I was counting down the days of the Season 4 release. 

With a tumultuous storyline, Manifest has not disappointed in the first half of Season 4. This season has been more action packed and emotionally driven than any previous. From someone who rarely cries during movies or shows, there have been multiple tears shed over the first ten episodes. 

My only criticism when watching the show would be that the special effects during “The Callings” could be more realistic. As I know this was a rebooted season, I can assume the budget was tight and therefore something had to be decreased in quality. Although it could be noticeable, it does not damage the integrity of the show or storyline. 

Join the other 828ers who have tuned into the final season making it reach #1 on Netflix since its release and closing in on 60 million hours of Manifest watched. Keep an eye out in early 2023 for the second half of Manifest: Make the Final Connection.

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