Boston Hotspot: MGM Music Hall at Fenway

Say goodbye to sticky floors, grimy bathrooms, and squinting to see your favorite artist from the nosebleed seats at your next concert.

Since the start of this semester I have attended six concerts, two of them being at MGM Music Hall at Fenway, a new venue located adjacent to Fenway Park. In its easily accessible location, MGM Hall is a block away from the Lansdowne and Kenmore MBTA stations. This concert hotspot opened on August 29, 2022 and has already housed close to 20 concerts and 15 more scheduled for the remainder of the year.

What makes this venue any different from all the others? For starters, actually being able to see the artist!

I’ve been to venues where the performer looks like an ant on stage and I’m watching the big screens of

 them instead. The best feature of this venue is that no seat is farther than 115 feet from the center of the stage, which makes the 5,000 seat music hall have an intimate feel.

How are the concerts if you went to one?

At both concerts at MGM Music Hall, I noticed the security team was so pleasant and if they had to ask you to obey the rules they did it in a caring manner. In addition to standard security measures they provided emails leading up to the event regarding all policies. At both shows security was seamless, from outside in line to being inside the venue took less than two minutes (yes I timed it).

Unlike most concert restrooms, MGM Music Hall’s restrooms were that of a luxury hotel. Restroom attendants kept the sinks, floors, and stalls impeccably clean for the volume of users.

Now imagine it’s a winter night in Boston and you go to a show but have to be dancing around with a winter parka on. Thankfully that will not happen here due the coat check service that is available on all four floors. The venue even allows other items like purses, umbrellas, and so on to be checked with a coat so you can enjoy the show worry free of losing anything!

I already have tickets to upcoming shows at MGM Music Hall at Fenway in the next couple months and am so glad there is a venue that is able to meet the needs of patrons during shows!

Here are some upcoming shows to check out:

11/5: The 1975 

11/12: The Disco Biscuits 

11/16: Yung Gravy 

11/26: Maneskin 

12/10: OneRepublic with Mix 104.1 Desk The Hall Ball 

12/16: Deadmau5



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